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      One Thousand Students Perform Tai ji Together Activity

      作者: 時間:2018-10-11 點擊數:

      Dear students, we are glad to tell you that WTU is going to host a traditional activity “one thousand students perform Tai ji together” on 21st Oct.2018 . This is a good chance to show our international students’ appearance. International College plan to invite a professional coach to train our international students. All international students in Sunshine campus including language learning students are required to join this activity. Students in Nanhu campus and Exchange students can decide to join the activity or not by themselves considering the transportation and other factors. Everyone is required to sign your name when you join the training.

      Training Date and Time: 11th Oct 2018 to 20th Oct 2018.

      19:00-21:00 (Monday to Friday)

      10:00 am-12:00, 19:00pm -21:00pm (weekend)

      Training Place: the lobby of the Library Building ( downstairs of International College, the opposite of the students’ second canteen )

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