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      2020 Admission Guidance for International Postgraduates of Wuhan Textile University

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      Admission Guidance for 2020 International Postgraduates of Wuhan Textile University

      Introduction to Wuhan Textile University

      Wuhan Textile University is a comprehensive university founded in 1958. It is one of the top ten universities famous in Fashion in China and the university for ‘Education and Training Plan for Excellent Engineers’ of the Ministry of Education of China. It is located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, covering an area of 135 hectares. It has over 20000 students, 2000 staff and 1000 full-time teachers.

      Wuhan Textile University is a training unit of the Chinese Government Scholarship Project and the Silk Road Chinese Government Scholarship Project. It has established ties with more than 100 universities and institutions in more than 30 countries and regions. It is the first member of AUTEXT in China mainland, the member of the board of the U.K. Textile Institute and the U.S. Fiber Society, the initiative unit of ‘The Belt and Road' Association of Textile Higher Education, the alliance member of ‘The Belt and Road' World Textile University. It undertook the 89th Textile Institute World Conference (in 2014), International Forum of Chinese Scientists in Textile Materials, First Sino-Russian University Forum in Hubei Province, 2017 China Textile Academic Conference, 'The Belt and Road' Textile Higher Education Summit Forum.

      Application Qualifications

      Non-Chinese citizens who are not over 30 years old (by September 1, 2020), have bachelor's degree or above, in good health and hold valid foreign general passports.

      Application Deadline:April 30,2020

      Application Procedures

      Log into our onlineChina International Student Service Systemhttps://wtu.17gz.org/ fill in online application form and upload documents.

      Note: The applicant should check the personal account. We will contact the applicant when necessary.

      Application Documents

      The applicant must fill in and upload the following application documents truthfully in the online Student Service System:

      1.Application Form for International Student Admission for WTU. (automatically generated by the online system). It must be completed in English and the applicant should upload the scanning of his signature.

      2.Bachelor Degree or pre graduation certificate with the official university stamp. (provisional graduation certificate or notarized copy is NOT acceptable).

      (1) The graduates shall submit the Bachelor Degree.

      (2) The graduating student in the final year shall first submit the pre graduation certificate and then submit Bachelor Degree before July 31, 2020, otherwise you will be disqualified.

      3.University academic transcript with official stamps

      (1) Graduates shall submit the complete final transcript.

      (2) The graduating student in the final year shall submit the transcript of the previous semesters and then submit the complete final transcript before July 31, 2020, otherwise you will be disqualified.

      4. Valid Passport(general passport, valid date at least after October 31, 2020.It is better not to renew your passport while studying in China.)Please unfold your passport and scan the whole page.

      5. Resume. Including education background, important social activities, working experience, awards, academic achievements, special skills, etc.

      6. Study and Research plan No less than 1000 words.

      7. Foreigners’ physical examination forms filled in either Chinese or English(the form must be downloaded from the official website of the local Chinese Embassy)


      In addition to submitting the original documents, documents which are not in English or Chinese must be translated into Chinese or English with seals of your university or the notary office. All documents only need to be scanned and submitted online.

      Programs (Master's Degree, two years,taught in English)


      Planned Seats


      Research Direction

      School of Textile Science and Engineering


      Textile Engineering

      1. the development and testing technology of new fiber materials

      2. advanced textile processing theory and cleaner production technology

      3. industrial fiber products (including composite materials)

      School of Fashion


      Art Design

      Fashion Design

      School of Chemistry


      Textile Engineering

      1.New materials and technologies for catalysis

      2. Synthesis of fine chemicals

      3. Engineering textiles and dyeing technology

      School of Art and Design


      Art Design

      1. Environmental design

      2. Visual communication

      3. Decorative art design

      School of Mathematics and Computer Science


      Software Engineering

      1. Software engineering

      2. Artificial intelligence

      3. Digital media technology

      School of Management


      Logistic Engineering

      Logistic Engineering

      School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation


      Mechanical Engineering

      1.Textile machinery

      2. Surface treatment

      School of Accounting




      2.Financial management

      School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering


      Electronics and Communication Engineering

      Communication and information processing

      School of Environmental Engineering


      Textile Engineering

      Waste water treatment

      School of Materials Science and Engineering


      Textile Engineering

      Functional polymer materials

      School of Technical Research


      Textile Engineering

      1. Flexible intelligent textile materials

      2.Biomedical textile materials

      3.Fiber based environmental purification materials

      Selection Procedures

      After receiving all documents of the applicant, we will conduct qualification examination and inform the applicant to participate in the interview if necessary.

      The admission letter and the form of visa application for study in China will be sent by express mail from July. Please log into the online Service Systemhttps://wtu.17gz.org/to check the admission results and the relevant information.

      Fee Standards




      Liberal arts 20000RMB/year

      Science, Engineering and Art 25000RMB/year



      Physical examination

      209 RMB

      Residence permit application


      comprehensive medical insurance


      teaching materials and different kinds of cards and certificates

      Based on actual situation


      living expenses is1000-1500RMB/month if eating in university canteen, the average cost is about 600-800 RMB per month.


      Chinese Government Scholarship

      (1)Coverage of Scholarship

      Exemption from tuition, accommodation, comprehensive medical insurance fee. 3000RMB stipend per month will be given.

      (2) Cost at Students’ Own Expenses

      2.1 Traveling Expenses,medical examination, residence permit application fee.

      2.2 The expense of apartment water, electricity, internet, bedding.

      2.3 Fees for teaching materials and different kinds of cards and certificates.

      Hubei Province International Students’Scholarship

      (1)Coverage of Scholarship

      Exemption from tuition and accommodation. Students with excellent moral character and academic achievements can enjoy the Special Scholarship of Wuhan Textile University.

      (2) Cost at Students’ Own Expenses

      2.1 Traveling Expenses,medical examination, residence permit application fee, comprehensive medical insurance fee

      2.2 Living expenses.

      2.3 The expense of apartment water, electricity, internet, bedding.

      2.4 Fees for teaching materials and different kinds of cards and certificates.

      WTU President Scholarship

      Coverage of Scholarship and Cost at Students’ Own Expenses are the same as Hubei International Students Scholarship. Students with excellent moral character and academic achievements can enjoy the Academic Scholarship of Wuhan Textile University.


      The applicants for any scholarship type should first submit the complete application documents and then we will decide which scholarship category you belong to. If you have the opportunity to enter the list of Chinese Government Scholarship., we will inform and guide you to log in tohttps://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/#/loginto submit the application. Documents submitted by yourself without our notice will be deemed invalid.


      The student apartment is a double room, which is arranged by the university. There are more than one campus in Wuhan Textile University. Art Design Students live in Nanhu Campus, while the other students live in Sunshine Campus.

      Apartment Facilities

      1. Dorm: air conditioning, water heater, washing machine.

      Public Kitchen: refrigerator, electromagnetic oven, microwave oven.

      2 Internet: the dormitory can access the Internet 24 hours at the charge of telecommunication operators.

      3. Hydropower: there is monthly quota for utilizing water and electricity and the surplus will be charged.


      Admission Office of International Students of Wuhan Textile University

      Tel: +86(0)2759367366


      Copyright @ 2013 All Rights Reserved. College of International Education, Wuhan Textile University
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