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      作者: 時間:2020-05-14 點擊數:







      GS' Conversation with International Students about Emotions on May 10th Meeting

      Willows standing gracefully by the pond, early summer sends amiable breeze. For most of you, it's Ramadan. On behalf of IEC, I wish you peace, health, wisdom and a bright future!

      There is one emotion. To have it is both happy and painful. It is called missing. Missing is happy because it makes people full of hope and passion for the future! Missing is painful because it always goes with separation, lovesickness, helplessness and loneliness.

      Missing is one of the most precious emotions of human beings. Today, at the request of students, we specially brought our princesses from Nanhu to Sunshine campus to meet with you, in order to relieve your pain of missing each other. There is love between compatriots, between classmates and between friends. I hope you will remember this wonderful moments and feelings forever.

      Today is Mother's Day, which makes us miss our mother more deeply. Since ancient times, there have been many languages of praising mothers and poems written to mothers from all races including China. A mother's devotion to child is selfless and never asks for return. Let's wish your mothers and all mothers in the world a happy Mother's Day!

      I'd like to ask you, what kind of feelings are there among us today? Yes, it is love between teachers and students, in a foreign country. This love transcends all nations and races and it is also a noble emotion of human society.

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