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      Total 6 International Students Received Award in English speech competition- “China in My Eyes”

      作者: 時間:2019-01-14 點擊數:

      General secretary of IEC was the chief guest of this program and respected IEC members were judge of this program. The member of WTU international student union, Silk road & flower rain association and international students also attend this function. A total of 20 students selected from 35 students of different countries took part in that competition.

      Theme of the competition was expression of international students about china. Silk road & flower rain association hosted the entire program with their two beautiful anchors. The main focus of all competitors was the natural beauty of China, Chinese culture, Chinese food, Chinese people’s attitude, development of china and their technology. Then General secretary of IEC delivered his valuable speech. He appreciated in his speech that some students start their speech using Chinese language, advised students for learning Chinese language and also mentioned that every story should have some learning and deep insight views.

      Then 2017 students presented a video of last convocation of international students. At last, IEC announced the result and gave prize among the winners. One competitor got first prize, two competitors got second prize and three competitors got third prize. Remaining competitors also got participation certificate. They were very pleased on IEC for arranging such kind of amazing speech competition.

      International Education college of Wuhan Textile University (WTU) organized an English speech Competition ‘China in my eyes’ on November 30, 2018 at University Campus.

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