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      Welcoming New Year 2019

      作者: 時間:2019-01-09 點擊數:

      On Dec 28, 2018, On behalf of International Educational College of Wuhan Textile University International Student Union organized a program for New Year celebration.Program started on 03.00 pm at university campus.

      Opening ceremony was cherished with warm greetings to everyone. Two beautifulanchorshosted the entire program. Program started by valuable speech of our honorable General Secretary of IEC by wishing “Happy New Year” to everyone.

      Welcoming speech of honorable General Secretary of IEC

      Celebration bring an excitement favor with colorful video of sharing thoughts and excitements of New year by Chinese and International Students in their cultural ways and a joyful song of General Secretary of IEC. Appreciation and blooming environment was created in audience by General Secretary. Ex-President of ISU with Current president of ISU delivered a welcoming speech. Charming SongXue, President of Silk road & flower rain association welcomed happy new year to audience. Singing, dancing, playing flute, funny games like music chair and tie tied, balloon fighting of Chinese and International students brought an excitement favor in the celebration. Every performer was gifted on New year eve.

      Every one appreciated the function and happiness were spread on all faces. And looking for such an amazement on every eve in future.

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