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      關于推遲開學的通知 Notice on postponement of semester opening

      作者: 時間:2020-03-04 點擊數:









      Dear students,

      I hope you are well!

      Looking back the history of human civilization, you will see that infectious diseases and human beings seem to be living together, and acute infectious diseases have always been a great threat to human civilization and development. The Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia(NCP) outbreak seriously disturbed our peaceful life at the end of 2019. The Chinese government and the Chinese people paid a heavy price through hard work. At last, we confined epidemic. This fully demonstrates the image of a responsible great country and the strong comprehensive strength of China. China has won wide international acclaim. Students are concerning about Wuhan, supporting epidemic prevention and providing valuable international public opinion support for China's anti epidemic work. However, although China's anti epidemic work has achieved significant results at certain stages, the situation is still severe. In order to achieve a complete victory in controlling the epidemic, we need to continue our efforts and not allow any slack.

      WTU is very concerned about our international students. We sincerely hope that you are healthy and safe during this difficult time! We hope you will take necessary precautions to avoid participating in crowded activities. We suggest you wear mask if necessary, wash hands frequently, ventilate your room and do exercise more often.

      Students, the anti epidemic measures of Wuhan City have not been lifted. In order to protect your life safety and health , please do not go back to WTU before we issue the notice of returning to WTU, in order not to bring great inconvenience to your life, huge economic loss and unnecessary risk of life safety. These are not the situation we would want to see, and it is extremely detrimental to the work of epidemic prevention and control. We hope that international students will abide by it seriously. If there is any violation, it is a violation of the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases, and it will be dealt with according to the law.

      Dear students, we should follow the arrangements and unite during this period. Only in this way can we completely overcome the epidemic. Let's continue to work together with WTU and look forward to the early elimination of the epidemic and our early reunion.

      Finally, we wish you and your family good health and all the best!

      School of International Education

      Wuhan Textile University

      4th March, 2020

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